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Aims and Objectives

Our Aims

  • To develop a vibrant educational community that is a beacon of excellence in teaching and learning, administration and governance;
  • to create a distinctive partnership of schools for local people;
  • to strengthen the partnership by valuing the individuality of our partner schools;
  • to foster a culture where autonomy and accountability go hand in hand;
  • to make the schools affiliated to the Robert Carre Trust great places to study and work;
  • to share expertise and bring together best practice and the best practitioners;
  • to recruit, retain and develop the best staff and future leaders locally; and
  • to achieve efficiency savings for mutual benefit, in the procurement of goods and services.


  • Pursue excellence in everything we do;
  • provide high quality curriculum opportunities across all age ranges and abilities, in which key academic learning is combined with the development of the whole child;
  • develop and provide an inclusive and supportive culture that is safe, effective, friendly, supportive and stimulating;
  • provide a high quality, inspiring and sustainable learning environment, making the most effective use of the school estate;
  • build mutually beneficial external partnerships;
  • attract, develop and retain a highly qualified, skilled and professional workforce that will work together to be outstanding in all that we do;
  • ensure the financial health and solvency of each school to enable investment in the vision through the effective utilisation of resources and sharing of support services; and
  • provide a curriculum that is both responsive to local needs and proactive in providing opportunities that stimulate and build local capacity and progression.

We will ensure our Schools raise educational standards by:

  • Providing a broad, balanced and appropriate curriculum to offer the very best academic and, where appropriate, vocational pathways.
  • Ensuring that the curriculum meets the needs of the ‘whole child’
  • Providing access to the wide range of learning resources and pedagogic expertise existing across schools within the group.
  • Clearly identifying progression pathways for every learner.
  • Facilitating personalised learning programmes which enable achievement matching each child’s potential.